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Customer Value Rankings

The Wired Group publishes Customer Value Rankings of US investor-owned electric utilities annually.  The Utility Evaluator is used to calculate the rankings.  All data is publicly available, and most of it is published by the utilities themselves.  Data is obtained from the FERC Form 1,  EIA Form 861, SEC filings, state regulatory filings, JD Power and Associates' annual overall satisfaction ratings, and other respected sources.  For research and information on the use of benchmarking in U.S. investor-owned utility performance evaluation, access the Electricity Journal articles "Busting Myths: Investor-Owned Distribution Utility Performance Can be Credibly Benchmarked" or "Measuring Distribution Performance? Benchmarking Warrants Your Attention" co-authored by Wired Group principals and associates.  

Customer Value Rankings measure customer value by comparing the benefits customers receive from utilities (as measured by reliability and customer satisfaction performance) to the funds utilities spend, and for which customers must pay (capital and operations & maintenance).  The proprietary ranking methodology uses regression analyses to identify and quantify the impact of various utility characteristics on utility performance and spending.  These findings are used to adjust rankings, compensating for variation in customers served, customer density, system load profiles, and business characteristics to the extent such factors are observed to be statistically significant. Utilities missing one or more of the four ranking components are not included in the overall ranking.  Simply select the links provided to access rankings of interest.

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